Building blocks for educating a generation capable of new and different things

A renaissance in learning

The human intellect is the ultimate renewable resource, and the most precious. Learning is the generator determining how efficiently this intellect is utilized.
Today, three factors are coming together to create a renaissance in learning:
  • Emergence of a mature, modern internet usable by everyone
  • New handheld, internet connected devices that are making computing truly personal
  • Growing consensus about new, more effective learning styles
We're making use of all three as we build software to educate a generation of students capable of new and different things.

Educational software Building Blocks

The building blocks for education described below provide the best answer to how we use Interlect to contribute to the renaissance in learning.

The [dotCampus] Learning Platform (LMS & Portfolio) aids universities in aligning student learning with the demands of the global knowledge based society.


eLearning Award 2006 (Honorable Mention)

In Smash Hit students learn about basic accounting by running their very own CD shop. Using Manga to tell the story of the CD shop, students gain hands on experience with accounting ledgers, inventory, cash flow, balance sheets, and profit and loss. The software allows instructors to monitor student progress and performance.