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The human intellect is the ultimate renewable resource, and the most precious. The quality of learning is critical to determining how efficiently this resource is utilized.
Our products raise learning quality though
  • Incorporating efficient, modern learning principles.
  • Use of the latest Internet standards to improve ease of use.
  • Support for mobile devices so learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

Our products

The [dotcampus] Learning Management System is an online learning platform for university students where learning can take place 24x7, on the desktop or on mobile.


eLearning Award 2006 (Honorable Mention)

In Smash Hit students learn about basic accounting by running their very own CD shop. Using Manga to tell the story of the CD shop, students gain hands on experience with accounting ledgers, inventory, cash flow, balance sheets, and profit and loss. The software allows instructors to monitor student progress and performance.